Sunday, December 16, 2012

Pigtails 2012 in the books!

Yes, that's right folks! I invited our very own Uli Steidl to come and break the course record for my Pigtails Flat Ass Marathon that was set in the first year of the run. He broke it by over 6 minutes and appeared to have done it very comfortably only three weeks after winning his 9th Seattle Marathon. Not to be outdone by the boys, Marlene Farrell traveled from Leavenworth, WA to break the women's course record by nearly 12 minutes with a time of 3:02:10, taking 2nd overall.

But there's more. The men and women's 50K course records were broken as well. Steve Geertgens, a masters runner, broke the overall CR by 4 minutes, running it in 3:37:11. Megan Hall ran 18 minutes faster than the previous CR set by Sara Malcom. Megan's time of 4:08:03 earned her 5th overall.
Although it is exciting that new course records were set, there were many accomplishments all around:
Bruce Hoff celebrated his 50th birthday by running 50+ miles. He ran 20 miles prior to the start and then completed the 50K in a very respectable time of 5:08. He was joined by his California buddies Jana Gustman and Dana Taylor. His wife continued the surprises with a birthday bash at Vince's Italian restaurant where the pizza was very good!
Bruce and Mary Hanna have completed all 7 Pigtails Flat Ass 50K runs. Only three more and they will receive a special 10 year jacket. There are no marathoners who have completed all 7.
Susie Ro ran a 50K PR in 4:56:34 and taking 2nd female Masters.
Beth Luzzi ran her first marathon and took 2nd female.
Jane Lanford traveled all the way from Fairbanks, Alaska where temps were -30. She completed her first 50K here and was also wearing her hair in pigtails for the first time. Nice choice!She took 1st Female Masters. She was joined by fellow Alaskan Carol Kleckner.
Tracy Brown PRd in the marathon with a 4:00:40. Our regular Tuesday runs must be helping.
Allison Raines ran her 1st 50K smiling the whole time I was told.
Darcy Emehiser also ran her 1st 50K and I think now a convert to ultras. Next thing you know, she'll be signing up for my Pigtails Challenge 100 Mile. She should consider it after breaking 5hrs and taking 2nd Open Female with 4:55:51.
Kristine Mauss signed up for the marathon but was having so much fun that she joined her friend Lisa Morin in the 50K.
Cliff Richards also set a PR in the 50K with 3:46:10 and took 2nd Male Masters. I say dump the marathons and just keep going for the 50Ks and more!
Anne Crispino Taylor traveled from Oregon and set a 50K PR by nearly 30 minutes.
Elizabeth Moore toughed out her first 50K enduring cold temps and snow/rain mix.
Cassie Hopkins and Karey Mozer used this race as a Maniac qualifier. Jorge Vargas had the same idea!
Ben Rickey was first open male in the 50K. He set a 50K PR also with 4:29:55.
Every year, returning runners look forward to a unique medal. It is getting harder each year to come up with new ideas. I kinda cheated this year and got stuffed pigs. But I still had to spend many hours putting the string on those plump, plush pigs. And a few more hours getting numbers, gloves, and pins in individual baggies. They were both a big hit and well worth the effort. Below is Eric Sach's daughter enjoying her father's schwag. Thanks to The Balanced Athlete for the use of your canopies. It sure was needed on this day.
I spent all day Friday before the race packing up all the supplies and returning last minute emails. I was able to get a solid night's sleep to welcome everyone at the start. The weather wasn't too bad for a few hours. We even had a nice appearance of snow. But rain did eventually arrive and made it cold and wet for runners still out there. Yet, everyone toughed it out. The wind kicked the shelters around at times. It was nice setting up the start/finish when it was dry but breaking down the tents at the end was a soaking mess.Thanks Matt Hagen for staying and trying to use his frozen fingers to take the shelters down.He also provided the shelter for the main aid station as well as a propane heater to keep the volunteers warm. I was finally able to pick up all the markers at the turn arounds and the unmanned aid stations at the end of the day, but in the dark with it still raining hard. I felt I had done the 50K!
I can't thank our volunteers enough for their help. Next time you see them, give thanks: Gwen Scott, Ray Shaw, Ron Frederick, Andy Fritz, John Pearch, our aid station angels Lorinda Hagstrom and Sharon Hendricks, and of course my husband!
Another highlight of the race was getting TV coverage unexpectedly. I had just arrived back to the finish with Gwen Scott after we marked the turn arounds when we noticed the KIRO TV crew hanging around. They were doing a weather report, but there was no weather yet. Uli was due to come in about 10 minutes. They interviewed me and then Uli after he finished. We had 1:40 of fame:
There was one bad thing that happened on race day. One of the runners had her car broken into. They broke the window behind the driver side. It was a pretty risky move on their part since there were people at the finish line at all times. Even so, they didn't get caught. The car was parked on the other side of the road and was deeper in, so it went unnoticed. It's a good idea wherever you go to pack all your stuff in your trunk, and if you don't have one, to conceal everything as much as possible. I am sorry for the ladies who had to deal with this at the end of their run.
Here are the results: Please email me at  if there are mistakes.
1 Steve  Geertgens M44 3:37:11 CR
2 Cliff Richards M51  
3 Mike Barringer M40 3:56:50
4 Robert Bondurant M40 4:04:49
5 Megan Hall F23 4:08:03 CR
6 Ryan McKnight M40 4:11:23
7 Scott Sebelsky M51 4:16:38
8 Ben  Rickey M38 4:29:55
9 Jeff Rankin M39 4:40:03
10 Jane Lanford F57 4:41:24
11 Damon Storey M47 4:51:05
12 Darcy Emehiser F38 4:55:51
13 Ted Eckert M45 4:56:19
14 Susie Ro F41 4:56:34
15 Mary Richards F51 4:58:06
Todd McCrory M45 4:58:06
17 Anne Crispino-Taylor F55 4:58:24
18 Ben Russell M34 5:00:10
19 Jana Gustman F45 5:06:40
20 Cassidy Hood F36 5:06:55
21 Bruce Hoff M49 5:08:41
22 Patrick Ackley M43 5:17:27
23 Matt Hagen M41 5:18:41
24 Allison Raines F27 5:19:19
Jess Mullen F37 5:19:19
26 Nancy Szoke F43 5:25:25
27 Kristin Parker F27 5:26:20
28 Hideko Opperman F44 5:26:46
29 Kimberly Kuhlmann F34 5:27:28
30 William Baldyga M41 5:27:49
31 Mike  Shiach M62 5:31:30
32 Heidi Perry F41 5:36:41
33 Jill Hudson F50 5:45:03
34 Carol Kleckner F58 5:45:56
35 Lisa Wood F39 5:50:59
36 Betsy Rogers F49 5:51:16
37 Mike  Kuhlmann M62 5:59:46
38 Maniac *200 F50 6:02:23
39 Dan Bowman M63 6:15:27
40 Lisa Morin F40 6:22:00
Kristine Mauss F29 6:22:00
42 Elizabeth Moore F39 7:22:10
Lindy  Hafner F39 7:22:10
1 Uli Steidl M40 2:31:26 CR
2 Marlene Farrell F37 3:02:10 CR
3 Jorge A  Vargas M30 3:15:32
4 Terry Sentinella M48 3:24:33
5 Pedro Infante M51 3:38:07
6 Bethanne Luzzi F31 3:42:57
7 David Pearson M44 3:43:45
8 Brian Pendleton M58 3:46:43
9 Rikki Bogue F49 3:46:43
10 Cormac Burke M51 3:50:15
11 Suzanne Nester F46 3:51:33
12 Paulette Kosinski F44 3:53:35
13 Marc Frommer M60 3:53:42
14 Eric Sach M44 3:55:05
15 Dean Kayler M49 3:57:50
16 BJ Farish M39 3:59:36
Cody Hill M39 3:59:36
18 Tracy Brown F51 4:00:40
19 Tho Le M32 4:01:16
20 Ryan Ordway M25 4:01:25
21 Patti Krebsbach F50 4:02:34
Steven Yee M53 4:02:34
23 Caitlin Norton F 4:02:59
Nancy Peterson F37 4:02:59
25 Tim Mathis M32 4:06:22
26 Angel Mathis F32 4:06:32
27 Broeck Jones F31 4:07:03
28 Andy  Lin M30 4:09:40
Roger Chou M42 4:09:40
30 Steve Walters M32 4:11:42
31 Lucca Criminale F46 4:16:46
Stephanie Astell F49 4:16:46
Teresa Hanson-Redrup F50 4:16:46
34 Elisa Schasse F33 4:19:56
35 Kelvin Battlle M44 4:27:28
36 Lisa Eagle F32 4:31:50
37 Vivian Doorn F46 4:33:58
38 Mike Mahanay M57 4:34:24
39 Jules Mann M50 4:37:03
40 Jennifer MacCormack F41 4:37:25
41 Linda Walter F61 4:41:09
42 Katie Robinson F33 4:43:49
43 Matt Glew M33 4:44:01
44 Steve White M59 4:44:02
45 David Stout M58 4:44:19
46 Dan Whitaker M51 4:45:12
Lisa Reid F47 4:45:12
48 Nicole Johnson F39 4:47:47
49 Sam Simone M60 4:52:07
50 Paige Denison M48 4:52:15
51 Stan Nakashima M60 4:52:30
52 Joe Schrum M43 4:55:51
Ariana Davies F32 4:55:51
54 Susan  Kanvik F58 5:07:07
55 Duane Higby M75 5:09:22
56 Kari Rekoske F60 5:15:36
57 Monte Pascual M52 5:24:09
58 Christine Yamada F52 5:27:30
59 Deborah Evdemon F44 5:37:23
60 Marie Zornes F49 5:37:40
61 Peter Corduan M52 5:40:38
62 Nonie Whalen F56 5:42:18
63 Max Welker M70 5:44:01
64 Cassie Hopkins F25 5:44:12
Karey Mozer F37 5:44:12
66 Chris Bellevie M40 5:47:58
67 John Bandur M74 5:49:00
68 Daniel Dollar M31 5:51:07
69 Robert Stretz M44 5:56:29
Rick Haase M67 5:56:29
71 Rose Coates F45 6:05:09
72 Ric Hart M65 6:22:25
73 Jane Herzog F49 6:22:59
Rich Menzel M69 6:22:59
75 Phyllis Welker F60 6:35:10


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