Friday, December 5, 2008


Friday 11/28/08 Wishbone Trail Run 27.4 mile-4:18:14 (3rd woman)
Saturday 11/29/08 Ghost of Seattle 50K+-4:47:31 (1st woman)
Sunday 11/30/08 Seattle Marathon-3:53:47 (whatever woman)

It kinda just creeped up on me. Before I knew it, my hall of fame race came before December even started. This was a long time in coming, thousands of miles traveled. This triple weekend was ideal with local races and good running weather. And I was not alone. Many completed the triple and many more a double. Some of those their first. It’s nice to be surrounded by other sick people.
Friday’s race was in Gig Harbor, just a stone’s throw from Bill “Hotrod” Barmore’s house. He had wonderful volunteers, including Val Beyer, Lesa Overfield, and Karen. The course was a twisty, turny 6.85 mile trail loop done 4 times, which was reverse the direction of his July run. It was overcast but not cold. I twisted my ankle twice in the first loop and 3 more times before the run was over. Both sides. Of course when the trail was not as technical. I had a nice time running with Merita Trohimovich-Pollard, who ran the Turkey Trot 10K the day before and still managed to finish over 3 minutes before me after leaving me at the halfway point of the last loop. She wasn’t even planning to run the whole thing! It’s great to see her back at the races despite a nagging injury. Shawna Wilskey ran an “easy” 3:48:30 in her first race of two in her first double. She recently placed 9th woman at the Marine Corps Marathon, easily breaking 3 hours in a time of 2:57 and change. She looks so effortless running it’s sickening! First guy was Ken Reinkensmeyer in 3:43:20, then Joe Tompkins with the same time as Shawna and his first double as well, then Rich Hieb in 4:07:30. Afterwards, we were rewarded with yummy huckleberry pancakes and a medal with a wishbone attached! I love those homemade medals!
Saturday morning came, again with good weather. Warm for my standards. The course took us around Seward Park then an out and back along Lake Washington Blvd (50Kers went a little longer, of course up a hill), then repeat for the marathoners. The 50Kers had to do a third loop of Seward Park. I ran the race pretty much in shorts and sports bra. Same with Shawna Wilskey, who had no trouble finishing in 3:20. Terry Sentinella won with a time of 3:14. Shawn McTaggert and I swapped leads several times, when one of us had to hit the honey bucket. Me twice and Shawn several times. Poor Shawn, she didn’t realize that we had to do one more loop of Seward Park and increased her speed heading to the finish line. She even sat down on the grass thinking she was done until someone asked her if she was just running the marathon. Reluctantly she got up and started running again, which was about 4 more miles to go. I must of passed her one last time when she hit the honey bucket, still feeling good at that point and was able to have a strong last 4 miles. Post race hot dog and chicken noodle soup hit the spot! Some brave souls soaked in the lake. I had to get to the Seattle expo to pick up my race packet.
Sunday came too soon. I arrived in Seattle early to get a decent parking space before all the roads got blocked off. I woke up with sore ankles and knees, worried about a repeat of my DNF last year when I had to quit at mile 8 because of an inflamed Achilles tendon. After stepping off a curb and feeling a sharp pain in my side tendon on the right ankle, my fears increased. I did some gentle stretching after heading to the start line and told myself to just take it easy and get my hall of fame run done. I saw several doublers and triplers throughout the run. I also saw tons and tons of maniacs. It was great seeing Annie out there and even better to hear that she won after trailing in 8th place when I saw her on the out and back at the bridge and 3rd on Lake Washington Blvd when she was at about mile 15. It took me about 10 miles to loosen up. I sped up around Seward Park when the trail got narrow with too many runners and went through ½ way in about 1:57. I maintained my effort for the rest of the race, finishing with an even split. My goal for the weekend, other than just finishing all three races, was not to walk at all, which I was able to do. Afterwards, I got together with Cheri Pompeo and Gregg Wachli to celebrate his 200th marathon at Zeke’s Pizza!
So, I think I was the first woman to meet the criteria to be inducted in the Marathon Maniacs Hall of Fame. And I’m not done with my year! I have 4 more races to go, shooting for 55 to make my average for three years an even number of 53. So what’s next after this year? I’m signed up for the McNaughton 150 mile race in April. If I do well, there is a 200 mile endurance run in the fall in Vermont put on by the same guy. If you are interested, there is also a 100 mile fun run as well. Plus several 100 milers in between. Less road marathons, more trail ultras.
Well-see you on the trails! Great job to all you doublers and triplers!

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